Salt & Pepper. Reinvented.

Salt & Pepper. Reinvented.


Yes, it's a salt and pepper chocolate bar.  But it's not what you think...

The salt is a fine grey sea salt from Guérande, France.  This salt is hand harvested from salt marshes in the same way since the 9th century.   Grey salt is less 'salty' than fleur de sel and has a unique mineral content.  This gives it a wonderful texture and complexity, like no other salt. 

The pepper is white.  Like black pepper, white pepper comes from pepper bushes, but it is allowed to fully ripen.  The husks are removed, and with them the characteristic 'bite' of black pepper.  What remains is the inner seed, possessing a flavour that is gentle, floral and simply exquisite. 

This gentle, ripened pepper berry is the perfect match for the sea steeped salt.

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