Blueberry Bee Pollen Bar

Blueberry Bee Pollen Bar

Few things in this world inspire human imagination and ingenuity quite like chocolate.  From the Mayans and Aztecs who ceremonially mixed cacao with cornmeal, and chili pepper, to the inspired Italian who, in a period of commercial need, ground cacao with hazelnuts to create gianduja (hello Nutella!), cacao has always invited a blending and melding of its flavours. 

Centre and Main celebrates this tradition of innovation by adding a sophisticated new dimension to chocolate.  We start with the finest, ethically-sourced chocolate, and then the science of cacao crosses over to the art of gastronomy.  Spices, herbs, flowers and fruit are the ingredients we use to craft new flavour combinations that are daring and delicious. 

If our chocolate makes you feel a little weak in the knees, we know we've done our job.

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Centre and Main is a small artisan chocolate company based in Warkworth, Ontario.  We hand craft our creations in small batches, blending the finest couverture chocolate with delicious, natural foods and flavours.  Using ingredients sourced from across the globe for their extraordinary quality, we bring cacao to meet your modern cravings.

Unlike most bars in which the flavour comes from elements surrounded by or on the surface of plain chocolate, ours are skillfully blended into the chocolate itself.  The chocolate, fruit, flowers and spices become one. We do sometimes add a little more on top, just because these ingredients are so darn beautiful.

We believe in pure ingredients, deliciously blended, with attention to detail.  Our chocolates are bold, unpretentious and as pleasing to the eye as to your taste buds.  And if they make you feel a little weak in the knees, we know we’ve done our job.